TOV Grant - Trading Online Voucher Ireland Explained.

LEO TOV Grant - Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

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Having an online presence is essential in modern business. Starting your online business strategy can be worrisome because of the huge sum of finances required to get things such as a new website done. But now there's great news! To help startups and established businesses step-up and create their presence online, the Government of Ireland together with the Local Enterprise Office has begun a new Trading Online Voucher Scheme or TOV Voucher as it's also known is a grant of up to €2500 that can easily enable you to take your business up to the next level. Those who have received a voucher can now apply for a second, bring the total available to €5000. With the TOV Voucher, you can trade more online, boost sales, and reach new markets. Also with covid and lockdowns in mind, ensuring your business can trade online is now more important than ever. The scheme has been funded by the Department of National Digital Strategy and provided by the Local Enterprise Offices (LEO).

TOV Voucher: What are the opportunities for businesses?

The LEO Trading Online Voucher offers small businesses financial assistance of up to €2500 or 90% of the total costs of the business, whichever is lower. This grant can easily enable you to grow your business online and take opportunities that will help the overall performance of your business. Not only does this scheme offer you financial assistance, but you can also train and get advice on the best ways to improve your business. By equipping yourself with the right information you'll know that the action you take will work towards growing and improving your business.

Local Enterprise Offices Training sessions can help you assess what kind of digital marketing services are necessary for you to optimize your business. Moreover, this isn’t limited to newcomers to the market. Businesses that have previously opted for the LEO-online voucher can do so again and apply for a second time to help their business.

LEO Trading Online Voucher Scheme: What do you need to get it?

While this is a very attractive offer for many businesses, it is designed for businesses with certain qualities. It is available for smaller businesses. If your business could use any of the following, you can apply for the LEO voucher scheme.

  • Limited or no e-commerce/online presence

  • In need of a new website or website upgrade

  • In need of an online booking system

  • In need of an online payment system

  • In need of SEO or digital marketing services

  • No more than 10 employees

  • A lower than €2m turnover

  • Trading experience of at least 6 months

  • Apply to their local LEO to make their registrations

  • LEO voucher scheme: What can Above Design’s expertise offer?

    We are supporting the TOV voucher scheme by helping small businesses in Wexford & across Ireland to set up or optimise their online presence. At Above Design we offer the very best in digital marketing and web design services, our team is qualified, certified & enthusiastic. We love what we do!

    Contact us and recieve a 100% free digital online business report that will show you exactly whats working for you & where you can optimize using the TOV, we can also provide you with a 100% free responsive website draught designed for your business that you can preview straight away!

    So the great news is that you can get a fully responsive modern website and top-level digital fulfillment services all by using the TOV voucher, and enable yourself to further establish your online presence with something like SEO, Google Ads management services or a Facebook Ads campaign for example, and start seeing great returns on your investment.

    We are also helping business owners in Wexford and across Ireland through the application process, assisting with TOV grant applications & developing the right strategy to maximize ROI.

    TOV grant: Conclusion.

    This really is the perfect opportunity to get yourself where you want to be in the digital world! The LEO Trading Online Voucher scheme was due to end in September but has now been extented due to high demand & there are a lot of applicants already in the process, so be quick!

    Whether you’re looking for a website upgrade, digital marketing services, or custom website design. We are here to deliver world-class results and bring your business up to the next level. So if you'd like to get a hold of the Trading Online Voucher, reach out to Above Design through our contact form and our friendly staff will help you through the process.

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