Facebook vs Websites - Which is better?

Websites VS. Facebook Business Page

The benefits of having a website vs a Facebook business page. (Reading time 3 mins 11 sec)

Though having a Facebook business page brings a lot of advantages to your business, if you try to survive only on a Facebook business account, your business will miss out on so many possibilities and also face a lot of limitations.

Ideal Scenario
Having both a business website and Facebook business page set-up is the ideal scenario, with two platforms you are increasing your presence and they both compliment each other effectively. With a system set up correctly, Facebook can track who visits your business website which is great for Digital Marketing using Facebook Ads for targeting new leads and achieving new sales. A similar set-up can be utilized on your website using Google Ads, another powerful online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertising content to web users who are searching for the services you offer. Whatever the size of your business If you are serious about the growth then you need these weapons in your arsenal & with only a Facebook page you are missing out on these benefits.

SEO Strategy
Facebook's algorithm has been diminishing organic reach for its users year by year and is currently set at about 5-6%. This has been done to force users into a "pay to play" scenario where using Facebook Ads seems the only viable option. On the other hand, your website has that reach you need without the onus of advertisement expenditure. The large majority of online interactions start with a Google search, there are billions of searches made every day, and these are people in the market for your services. If you don't have an online presence you are losing out to the competition. A good SEO strategy is an economical alternative to Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you can tap into those people already seeking your services through online searches and connect your business to them directly and organically.

Customer Experience
Another important reason your business also needs a website rather than just having a Facebook page is having Control over your customer’s experience.
When you create a Facebook business page, you can only customize certain elements, which means that in the end, your business Facebook page is similar to all the other 40 million Facebook business pages.
On the other hand, when you have a website, you can customize your web design according to your branding, business needs, and your target audience. This means you have direct control over your customer’s experience & importantly their undivided attention when they click on your website, whereas Facebook users are scrolling and looking through their feeds, their attention is divided between many things.
The website will not only help customers to know about your services but also help them understand your unique brand and mission along with the information they’re looking for.

Professional Presentation
First impressions and presentation are of major importance in business. First impressions can make or break for a business, creating a unique, compelling, and positive experience for your customers can create a long-lasting business relationship with new and existing customers.

Prospect for Revenue
The revenue prospect are limited on Facebook unless you integrate with an e-commerce platform where the fees will quickly add up to the equivalent of a custom-built e-commerce website where you can make direct sales.

Help with Leads
Though Facebook gives new potential customers to a business, it doesn’t complete the sales process.
The leads that come to your website are yours, and you can use them to run a successful marketing campaign and convert those leads into actual customers.

Makes Business Trustworthy
More than 80% of shoppers do online research before making a purchase. This means that a professional website gives a business credibility that Facebook pages cannot as everybody can create a Facebook business page but running a website needs professional hands plus monetary funds which only serious businesses invest. Though a company that has a well run social media page will also let the customer know that the business is professional and credible. These trust signals are what online users are looking for.

Two platforms are better than one! There are even certain SEO benefits to using both synergistically, so the two can help each other out to optimize their efficiency as business tools. To use a fishing analogy, two rods are better than one, cast your net as far as you can & you'll come home with more fish.

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