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Get the right customers for your business with our outstanding Google Ads Management service. Put your business in front of people all over Ireland that are already searching for your services. We have managed ads for businesses from Dublin to Cork.

Above are the experts in Google Ads and will design and manage all elements of your campaign from start to finish to get the best results possible for you. With our Google Ads management service you will also have a dedicated manager to ensure optimal results.

As a professional google ads management company, the structure of your campaign is our priority, we’re all about providing quality over quantity.Making sure that your campaign is effective and that we maximize your return on investment (ROI)

Our Client-Area Dashboard is your user-friendly way to track all your Campaigns & ad-sets. View key metrics such as impressions, frequency, link clicks, how much you’ve spent on the your PPC Ads & how much you've made back on your campaign. Improve your marketing with real data that puts money back into your pocket.


24/7 Client Area Dashboard:
Ads Campaign Interface

24/7 access to our client dashboard lets you see your progress live in real-time. The interface we have programmed into our dashboard gives our clients an account overview of all of their active Google Ads campaigns.

You'll get a birds-eye-view & see which Google or Facebook Ads campaigns are working the best at driving you more business. Each campaign will give a brief view of the number of leads, your reach percentage, and the cost per lead.

Keep track of your investment & see your ROI (return on investment) with ease. Find your best performers in seconds & see exactly where your money is working for you.

Find out whether your search or shopping campaign is getting the best return on investment. Guessing games are no fun, so keep up-to-date with user-friendly live reporting that give you the info you need with easy to understand data.

Google Ads Set Up

Campaign Strategy
Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Demographics Research
Tracking Code Setup & Installation
Tracking Code Setup & Installation
Campaign Creation
Campaign Quality Assurance
Campaign Presentation
Campaign Launch
Post Launch Checkpoints

Monthly Checklist

Campaign Audit
Enhance Strategy
Manage Poor Performing Ads
Keyword Expansion & Cleanup
Ad Frequency Management
Intelligent Performance-Based Bid Pacing
Performance-Based Budget Pacing
Performance-Based Ad Distribution
Ad Copy Split Testing
Demographics Split Testing
Mobile Strategy Management
Increasing Click Through Rate
Decreasing Cost Per Click

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Google Ads campaigns take 1-2 weeks to build out. Once the campaigns are built and approved, we can go live.
There are several ways in which you can get your leads from the campaign. Before we begin we can make sure that you get the leads in the best way that works for you.
Once a campaign is live, our systems will take the first couple of weeks to start gathering data and metrics in real-time. Based on hundreds of data points, we will then adjust the bidding throughout the day to save you money on ad spend with help from our custom artificial intellegence system. Also, taking the same data points into consideration, we will also shift the budget around to the best performing campaigns, ad sets, ads, etc. We can also optimize your campaign based off the best performing days of the week, hours of the day and so much more. This will drastically lower your cost per lead over time.
You can always login to your client dashboard and view your campaign metrics on the Google Ads tab. You will also get real-time email notifications every time our team completes a task on your account. Aside from live dashboard reportings and emails, you will also receive a monthly report during the first week of every month.

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