Top 7 Strategies for Organic Instagram Growth

Top 7 Strategies For Organic Growth on Instagram

How to gain Instagram Followers 2021 (Reading time 3 mins 0 sec)

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How to Gain Instagram Followers in 2021?

The digital marketing sector has boomed in the last few years with the introduction of different social media platforms and the availability of cheap smartphones!

More specifically, Instagram has grown as one of the top social media platforms and can prove to be an important tool if you want to build your brand or profile. However, Instagram’s algorithm keeps changing to provide its users with the best material! Therefore, you need to stay up-to-date with marketing strategies for growth! At Above Design we have gained over 300,000 social media followers for different pages and today we're going to give you a few tips.

Here are the top 7 strategies for organic growth on Instagram that will give a boost to your profile:

Upload IGTV videos!

Although Instagram was primarily made as a hub for photographs, the video feature resonates more with an audience. A video allows them to get up close personal with you. It gives them a sense of being there with you. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Statistics also reveal that brands with higher video content drive more engagement and traffic. So, get the camera rolling!

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Go live!

Instagram Live videos appear at the beginning of your followers’ newsfeed stories. This means more of your followers are likely to watch your videos if you go live rather than merely posting a story! The more your engagement, the more traffic you drive toward your profile.

Consistency is key

Post consistently and post regularly. Don’t disappear for weeks after you’ve been constantly posting for 3-4 days. Instagram’s algorithm detects your posting consistency and shows your content on others’ newsfeed accordingly!

Engage with other accounts

Engaging and collaborating with other accounts in the same niche or even in different niches is going to help you a lot. Scroll through your home feed, suggestions feed, and find similar accounts that resonate with you or your brand. Get to know them and engage on eachothers posts. Collaborate with them on events. For example, the recent “Don’t Rush” challenge took Instagram by storm. Hundreds of thousands of influencers and bloggers collaborated to bring out their best!



Instagram’s hashtags are very useful for your growth. Hashtags let followers choose the type of accounts they want to follow. Therefore, choose your hashtags wisely! Try to think like your audience to come up with hashtags. Look for trending hashtags. Or create a unique hashtag that represents your page and try to get others to use it, using this unique hashtag on all your captions will bring more people to your page. Instagram allows you to put up to 30 hashtags in a single post. However, research has shown that you should only use about 9-10 hashtags to maximize your outreach and bring traffic to your Instagram account!

Post at the right time!

Posting at the right time is under-rated. After all, how many people do you think are awake at 6 am scrolling down their newsfeed? Compare that with the number of people who scroll down their newsfeed at about 9-10 pm after they’re home from a long day of work and chilling with their phone. Know your target audience and the timing that works for them. Then, post accordingly! The “insights” on Instagram will also show you when your audience is most active. Try to post at those times to get maximum engagement on your feed.

Focus on building quality content and an aesthetic profile!

It goes without saying that the quality of your content eventually determines how many followers you have. Content is king in this game. If your content allows followers to engage it will benefit your growth. Moreover, try to maintain an aesthetic look or character on your profile. Go with a color theme and try to stick to it. Make picture grids and experiment with rows and columns. Don’t forget to add highlights and add a theme to the cover of your highlights!

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and watch how your organic followers increase!

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